What is domain ownership?

Domain ownership refers to the legal entity or individual who has registered and holds the rights to a specific domain name on the internet. It grants the owner exclusive control and management of that domain.

What is a WHOIS search?

A WHOIS search is a query made to a WHOIS database to retrieve information about a specific domain name. It provides details about the domain's owner, registration date, registrar, and contact information.

How can I check the owner of a domain?

You can check the owner of a domain by performing a WHOIS search. WHOIS databases contain information about domain registrations, including the owner's name, contact details, and registration date.

What is a DNS search?

A DNS search, often referred to as a DNS lookup or query, is the process of finding information related to a domain name's IP address or other DNS records. It translates human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP addresses.

Why is DNS important?

DNS is crucial for functioning of internet because it enables users to access websites and services using easy-to-remember domain names (e.g., example.com) instead of numeric IP addresses. It acts as a directory for mapping domain names to IP addresses.

What is DNS propagation?

DNS propagation is a process of DNS records being updated and distributed across DNS servers globally. Making changes to DNS records (e.g., updating IP addresses), may take time for these changes to propagate, affecting the results of DNS searches.